Monitor Linux disk space

Prevent data corruption and unexpected outages because of a full disk

  • Use one of our code examples to report the disk space
  • View disk space and history online
  • Get an alert when disk space is above your limit
  • One server report for free, look at our plans for pricing details
Get an alert on high disk space

We recommend to set a "Value is above" alert, for example to 80%. When the disk reached 80% of its capacity you will receive an alert.

Get an alert when the server does not report

We recommend to set an (additional) alert to get alerted when the server does not report for a longer period (for example 8 hours). This way you get notified when there is a problem with the script or the cron daemon. Use the "Not updated / inactive" alert type.

Getting started
  • Copy the example below
  • Create an API key and put it in the example code
  • Verify the disk partition you want to monitor
  • Save/upload the script to your server
  • Add a cron job on your server to make sure the script runs regularly
  • Edit the Metric in DownNotifier and add alerts