Frequently Asked Monitoring Questions

Web Monitoring

What is counted as down?

Besides connection errors, any HTTP status code above 399 (or under 200) is considered as down. So, with a 500 error or 404 error, a down notification will be sent.

Is SSL / HTTPS supported?

Yes, of course. Make sure you enter the URL including https:// when you add your monitor.

Is username / password supported?

Yes, enter the URL as:

Please note that passwords are not stored encrypted and visible when you edit the monitor in our control panel.

Can I whitelist in my firewall?

Please go to our whitelist page for whitelisting options.

Does the monitoring affect my analytics / statistics?

The monitoring does not affect tools which use JavaScript or pixel tracking, like Google Analytics. In case your tool uses server logs, may be included in the statistics.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

What is SSL certificate monitoring?

SSL certificate monitoring does separate monitoring on a number of aspects of your SSL certificate. You will be notified when your certificate expires within 10 days, when the certificate does not work correctly, when your configuration is insecure or when your configuration does not work on older browsers.

What is the monitoring interval?

SSL certificate monitoring checks once per hour.

How will I get notified?

You will be notified by e-mail only. When you have multiple contacts, they are also notified by e-mail.

What does "SSL authority error" mean?

Most times this means you only have the server certificate installed and not the intermediate certificate. Your website may not be available in older browsers. Some certificate providers provide a certificate bundle which include the intermediate certificate. Please refer to your certificate provider installation instructions for more information.

What does "SSL connection failed" mean?

Most times this means you are using a weak SSL configuration which is not secure. We recommend upgrading your server configuration to secure protocols. You can test your site at

What is a self-signed certificate?

A self-signed certificate can be used for testing or internal purposes. You can generate this certificate yourselves, but it is not trusted by browsers unless it is explicitly installed on the client.